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Printable Version of the submit the ad form is not available. Please fill out the following form to advertise on our website.

After submitting this ad, I will print your request, place the ad, email you conf. and bill you at that time.

  • Rental Ad Time Frame: Until end of rental week or until unit is rented. (Whichever occurs first.)
  • Updated Daily – all ads are under the owners name, phone numbers and e-mail addresses if applicable.
  • Once your ad is successfully answered, please contact me to delete it.

Cost: Rental Ads: $75; For Sale Ads: $100; Gifting Ads: $100

Checks made out and mailed to:
Debra K. Hansen
17310 Palatine Ave North
Shoreline, WA 98133

* – denotes required field

* has the right to change things accordingly based on the location to your unit for correct information on your ad.

* Unit specifications (beds, baths, etc.) will be determined by the specifications given by Wapato Point.

* For Sale Price Not Listed – This way the potential buyer can discuss it with you.

This allows potential owners to see how they move from year to year.